Buying Sets of Furniture
Matching a few items here and there can look really great, but purchasing the same style dresser, bed sides, bed & head board can kill all sense of personal style in the bedroom and make your bedroom look like a mini Ikea Showroom.

Too Many Cushions

Pending your style your bed will most likely only need 2 – 3 feature cushions in addition to your pillows.  Whilst it may be tempting to fill your bed with cushions, try to refrain – your floor will thank you for it!


Not planning correctly

Too often people start styling a space without considering the biggest items first. The end result is a mismatch of items that don’t work well together and eventually find their way to the hard rubbish pile. Check out our handy 3 step buying guide to the perfect bedroom here.


Going in Blind

If you can get your hands on fabric & paint samples, be sure to take advantage of this. These are a great inexpensive way to test out colour palettes you are drawn towards before taking the plunge! They can save you a lot of time and money down the track! To find out how to order Mexsii swatches click here


Bare Walls

Bare walls scream a house that isn’t lived in! The artwork doesn’t need to be expensive, you can get creative and tape up magazine clippings or photographs to the wall. Even framing your kids artwork can brighten up a space! Think outside the box and add some of your personality into it!